Social Egg Freezing


This is a modification of in vitro fertilization , where egg formation is stimulated by large dose of fertility hormones , so that many eggs are formed in a single cycle , known as” Superovulation”. These eggs are invasively extracted from ovaries and rather than being fertilized with sperms and retransplanted as in IVF, the unfertilized eggs are frozen.

Previously this technique was used in female undergoing cancer treatment during their reproductive years, as she may lose her fertility by drugs or other treatment. Frozen eggs later were used for IVF. But now with women focusing more on career, get married late and has no time to get pregnant in early reproductive years, they freeze their eggs to be used later during life when they are ready for conception by IVF.

This is new technique, success rate varies. To comment whether this should be done for social reasons is still premature. For health issues no doubt it is a very useful technique , as it gives the patient a fair chance to experience motherhood later in life when her disease has been treated.

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