Prenatal Testing

Prenatal Testing

Most of the times, we concentrate on pregnancy and birth of a child. Well the job does not end there. It takes a leap after the birth of the child. The first six to eight weeks are very crucial. It is a big phase when mother goes through physical and emotional changes while learning to care for her newborn. This care revolves around getting proper rest, nutrition, and vaginal care. We help you to solve any problem related to it.

Dr. Anju's Maternity & Infertility clinic provides care for the health of the baby and the expectant mother.

Prenatal Care & Benefits

    Dr. Anju's Maternity & Paternity clinic provides expectant mothers with routine checkups and appointments for the entirety of the pregnancy. Dr. Anju schedules regular prenatal appointments which help to ensure the unborn baby is growing and developing in a healthy way. Our clinic offers so much more with each individual prenatal experience. With 5 years of obstetrics and prenatal care experience, Dr. Anju has delivered countless healthy babies. Any side effects that may accompany pregnancy can be treated while protecting the baby's health. Dr. Anju cares for expectant mothers with exceptional service while helping prepare for child birth.

    Prenatal care from Dr. Anju's Maternity & infertility clinic is beneficial in many ways for both the mother and child.

  • Dr. Anju is there to help at any time during pregnancy.
  • Dr. Anju's 5 years of experience allows her to give special care and attention to first-time mothers, women with high-risk pregnancies and all expectant mothers.
  • Our staff realizes every pregnancy is different and requires special care.
  • State-of-the-art equipment for ultrasounds and prenatal care all in a welcoming and professional environment is what sets our clinic apart.
Tests Done
  • Glucose Tolerance Test
  • Fetal Non-Stress Test (NST)
  • Biophysical Profile
  • Triple Screen Test
  • Quad Screen Test
  • First Trimester Screen
  • Chorionic Villus Sampling: CVS
  • Ultrasound: Sonogram
  • Getting a Urinalysis: Urine Tests
  • Blood Test
  • Paternity Testing

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