Many tumors of the uterus present as polyps within the cavity. These can occur with or without associated endometrial hyperplasia. Polyps can be single or multiple. In case of multiple, term multiple polyposis is sometimes used. These tumors rarely exceeds a grape in size and is usually no larger than a pea. These may or may not react to ovarian hormones . Multiple polyps show tendency to recur after removal. The cause of single polyp is unknown. These are more common in postmenopausal women. They are mostly symptomless. Symptoms are more likely when the tip of polyp becomes necrotic and ulcerated, then it may cause excessive bleeding, bleeding after coitus, postmenopausal bleeding and discharge.

It can be diagnosed by ultrasound, hysterography or hysteroscopy .


Curettage can be done but this is not always satisfactory because one or more polyps may elude the polyp forceps. Hysteroscopic guided polypectomy is the gold standard. Only rarely will removal of uterus be required only if there is associated significant endometrial pathology.

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